The Story of Your Family is a Treasure. Now There’s a New Tool for You to Share it Forward

Share Life Plus is Family Building Software in the Cloud


Windsor, Ontario: Introducing Share Life Plus, a new cloud-based digital time capsule. Share Life Plus is private, secure, and designed to enable family leaders to easily collect and share their:

  • Family history,
  • Life stories, life lessons, core values,
  • Treasured family memories,
  • Knowledge and insight gained over a lifetime

 Share Life helps families create a new tradition of documenting and sharing forward family stories and knowledge over multiple generations. “Each of us has unique life stories and every family has a unique history that our children and grandchildren will one day want to connect with” says Bernie Mantay, who created Share Life when he realized there was no solution on the market where he could easily share with his daughters. “I wanted to document the story of our family, to pass on knowledge and to share insight gained over the years – and I wanted it to be readily accessible when it became relevant in their lives. A Word document wasn’t going to cut it. Adding the ability to share forward allows for a multi-generational conversation like never before.”

The last couple years has seen huge growth in companies who enable people to learn more about who they are, and where they come from. Given the events over just the last 20 years, it’s clear each generation lives through major historical moments. There’s great value in each of us recording and sharing our own accounts of the history we’ve lived, because each experience is unique and worth preserving. In a time where information has become infinitely more searchable and not always reliable, our life experiences may be one of the richest sources of information we can give to our children and grandchildren.

The Share Life approach takes the “hunt” out of Genealogy and instead gives members the opportunity to provide authentic content for the benefit of future generations. You have a story worth telling, and with Share Life Plus, you are empowered to tell it on your terms.

Memberships start at USD $29 per year. All memberships have access to all features. For more information visit


Bernie Mantay

Founder, Share Life Plus

Phone: 226-348-5441