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About Share Life Plus

Share Life Plus is about helping family leaders create a family tradition of:

  • documenting their family history,
  • documenting stories and life stories
  • saving memories
  • sharing knowledge and wisdom gained over a lifetime
  • Writing anything genuine

And sharing forward that content (writing, images, video, audio, documents) over multiple generations of their family.

So that future generations can readily access this information when it makes sense for them. The Share Life Concept benefits future generations in multiple ways:

  • Helps them form a positive identity
  • Helps them understand that they are part of something bigger
  • Helps them understand and learn about resilience, perseverance, etc.
  • Provides information they may not get elsewhere
  • Gives them access to fun memories from previous generations

If you are interested in writing for Share Life, please contact us with an outline of what you intend to write about. We much prefer to agree in advance that the idea makes sense for our members than have you put in the effort for an article we do not accept.


What we’re looking for

We are interested in truth, love, values, building positive relationships – content that is genuine, positive, inspirational, and uplifting. While there are shades of grey to virtually anything, there is truth, there is right and there is wrong. We prefer high-quality writing and positive messages.

We’re interested in content that validates the Share Life Concept. Wellness professionals such as psychologists, sociologists, therapists, counsellors, and life coaches that can enhance our members understanding of the importance of sharing forward the wisdom and experience gained over a lifetime are welcome to pitch article ideas.

We’re interested in content that helps our members in their self-development journey. All of us can become better people – inspiration can come in many ways.

We’re interested in content that improves relationships – not just family relationships – any important relationships.

We prefer original content but that is not a hard and fast rule. There’s no reason good messages cannot be shared more than one time. Just let us know where the work has been published and maybe we can discuss making minor changes that suite our audience.


Writing Style

We have not settled on a definitive writing style for the site. At this point we believe in substance over form so, if your writing style is a little quirky, we may overlook that if the message has value.

In general, keep it in a casual, personal, yet accurate and factual style, as if you were talking to a good friend. Adding some humor is okay. If plagiarized, we will delete.



If you have a good illustration for your article, please ensure you have the right to use the illustration and that it relates to the article. We have the right to reject your illustration and may suggest alternatives for your approval.


Headings and Subheadings

Only 1 “Heading 1” or <h1> per post – as the title of the article.

Any subsequent headings should be in “Heading 2” format or <h2>.

Headings subordinate to “Heading 2” will be in “Heading 3” format or <h3>.

We do not typically use “Heading 4” or <h4>.

We prefer use of at least h2 headings in an article to improve the reading experience for members and visitors.


Paragraphs and Sentences

We won’t specify paragraph or sentence length, but we prefer writers be mindful of good paragraph and sentence practices.



We prefer submissions > 1,000 words.



When using a statistic, provide attribution within the text of the sentence. e.g. According to the Mental Health America …

If other sources are used that may need to be referenced in the article, we can hyperlink to those sources.


Promotional Content

Our content is for the benefit of our members and visitors. As a rule, we will not accept content that is essentially thinly disguised promotion of a product or service.



Alterations will likely be suggested. We will send you a copy of the edited manuscript. This is your chance to respond to the editing. Every effort will be made to consult with you throughout the editing process. We want to provide solid content for our members – that’s really the primary objective.



We do not pay for article submissions. You can however, provide a brief bio at the end of your article with a link to your website. Also, at this point, articles we accept may be distributed to our email list, noted on Instagram and on Facebook.



Please submit your draft as a Google Doc using these sharing setting:

  • On – Anyone with the link
  • Access – Can edit


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