What is The Share Life Concept?

The Share Life Concept is a combination of things that we believe promote multigenerational family identity, resilience, bonding, and knowledge.

  • Psychologists agree that a child who understands the basics of their family history gain a sense of control over their lives, have higher self-esteem and the more successfully they believe their families function. Knowledge of family history may be the best single predictor of children’s emotional health and happiness.

A strong family identity helps children develop a strong and healthy self-identity and a sense that they are part of something bigger — critical for their individual success and for effectively dealing with the battle scars life inevitably delivers. 

  • We’re all fascinated by family history but most of us actually know very little about the history of our families.  Share Life Plus makes it possible for our future families to inherit a rich family history,  as a gift from you.  It could be the most lasting and important gift you ever give.

The knowledge, life lessons, and wisdom each generation acquires are systematically lost over time.  After two, maybe three generations, the life and living of ancestors is, for most, an unknown. Share Life Plus allows you to share important knowledge, life lessons, and wisdom you’ve gained in your life, with future generations of your family.

Your baby’s milestones and all the cute kiddie stories and accomplishments can be retained forever and never lost to time, giving your children access to stories about themselves that they will enjoy over time — and that their children and grandchildren can enjoy reading some day.

The Share Life Concept is a combination of these things — in the end, Share Life is an expression of love and a solid investment in your current and future family.

Have fun with it — teach, tell stories, build your great family!