Things You Can Do In Share Life Plus


Using Share Life you can write and permanently save any sort of content you deem worthwhile.  You can document life’s moments or send special one-on-one messages to any of your recipients or to a group of your recipients. What primary benefit of using Share Life is that entries can be Shared Forward over multiple generations of your family.

Some uses:

  • Document your family history and stories
  • Document stories from your life
  • Document life lessons you’ve learned along the way – big and small
  • Document your observations on life and living
  • Document things you wished you knew when you were young
  • Preserve life moments & milestones (Graduations, Engagements, Weddings, Births)
  • Preserve events (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Annual Messages to the Family)
  • Discuss your values
  • Share your knowledge on any number of topics
  • Share memorable experiences
  • Share the memories of fun times
  • Share the struggle of the tough times and how you got through them
  • Share your best advice on important topics
  • Share the basis of your faith
  • Document family traditions
  • Share medical information
  • Share your best recipes
  • Save scanned copies of letters
  • Anything authentic that you believe will have value to your multigenerational family — The truth is that future generations will value virtually anything you write that they can read 50-100-150 years from now.

For ease of identification, each entry has a Title or Headline and can have up to 3 tags, which identify the content of an entry.  Although not a requirement, you can add event dates to any entry – with either a full date in a YYYY-MM-DD format or, when you’re not sure of the exact date, you can use a YYYY-MM or a YYYY date format.

It does not matter how well you write or whether every detail is perfect – anything you write is better than nothing.   What matters is you leave something that future generations can enjoy, identify with, and learn from.  You can always write preliminary thoughts and edit an entry later.  You can edit entries as many times as you like.

Your writing, images, videos, audio files, and documents will provide a rich source of inspiration and add depth to the identity of your children, grandchildren, and future generations.

Other Things You Can Do

  • Because Share Life Plus is in the Amazon cloud, you can access it anywhere, any time
  • Each Author can Share Entries with up to 25 Recipients.
  • Using the Future Share feature, Authors can share entries up to 10 years in the future
  • Because each Author is automatically set as a Recipient as well, you can use the Future Share feature to send yourself reminders or send messages to your future self.
  • The System provides 20 Default Tags and allows users to create an unlimited number of Tags.
  • Authors can add up to 3 Tags per entry.
  • With a subscription of their own, your Recipients can Share Forward your Entries to their children and grandchildren, and so on over multiple generations!

Because we’ve kept capabilities as flexible as possible you can create whatever content in whatever form you deem best for you.  We do not box you into some format we decided — you create whatever you want to create.

An Important Note on Data Retention

Our policy is that, provided users have invested at least one full year on the site, we will permanently retain your data. This policy can make business sense if not abused. We’d prefer to some day have some nice stories about people discovering long forgotten stories from a loved one than have a strict data deletion policy. We encourage you to understand data retention policies of the sites you use.   

One more thing …

To the greatest extent possible, future development of Share Life Plus will be driven by user feedback.  Share Life is not our software, Share Life is your software and together we can make it something special.

We hope you will become a Share Life member.