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Other PeopleFearing rejection more than gathering the courage to ask someone out
Other PeopleLetting that romantic relationship needlessly fall apart
Other PeopleMarrying the first person who asked because … (any number of bad reasons)
Other PeopleMarrying for the wrong reasons
Other PeopleTaking your partner for granted
Other PeopleCheating on a partner
Other PeopleLetting your marriage break down
Other PeopleLetting friendships slip away
Other PeopleGetting involved with the wrong group of friends
Other PeopleNot being there when someone needed you most
Other PeopleSharing a secret someone told you in confidence
Other PeopleBelittling others
Other PeopleKeeping toxic people in your life
Other PeopleStaying angry at someone
Other PeopleSuccumbing to peer pressure
Other PeopleBeing close-minded
Other PeopleClosing people off
Other PeopleBurning bridges
Other PeopleHolding grudges
Other PeopleHaving enemies
Other PeopleNot visiting a dying friend before s/he died
Other PeopleNot having the courage to talk at a funeral or important event
Other PeopleNot giving back
Other PeopleSending that email/text when you’re angry or drunk
Other PeoplePosting on social media when you’re angry or drunk
To YourselfNot listening to your inner voice / your gut
To YourselfLetting fear dictate decisions
To YourselfWorrying so much about what others think
To YourselfLiving life based on what someone else wants
To YourselfChoosing to be like everyone else
To YourselfChoosing to let life pass you by
To YourselfNot traveling enough
To YourselfWasting time on frivolous things instead of investing in yourself
To YourselfNot enjoying life more
To YourselfNot pushing yourself forward
To YourselfWaiting for someone else to give you an opportunity
To YourselfLetting someone other than yourself be in charge of your happiness
To YourselfNot believing in yourself
To YourselfAssociating happiness with unattainable goals
To YourselfBeing afraid to take more risks
To YourselfNot standing up to the bully`
To YourselfDoing the bare minimum
To YourselfLiving a lie
To YourselfBeing selfish
To YourselfLetting the little things get to you
To YourselfBeing too afraid to live
To YourselfCriminal acts
To YourselfHating yourself
To YourselfNot having the courage to speak up regarding emotional or sexual abuse
To YourselfWasting too much time playing digital games
To YourselfSubstance abuse
Your CareerNot taking action on an opportunity
Your CareerNot going for that dream job
Your CareerDropping out of school
Your CareerTaking a job for the money
Your CareerOverworking yourself
Your CareerNot taking that much-needed vacation
Your CareerStaying at a dead-end job or job you hate
Your FamilyTreating your parents or grandparents poorly
Your FamilyThe time you didn’t spend with loved ones
Your FamilyNot spending more time with your kids
Your FamilyYelling at your kids
Your FamilyIndulging your kids every desire
Your FamilyBeing a helicopter parent
Your FamilyBeing an overly strict / overly lenient parent
Your FamilyNot saying “I love you”
Your HealthNot taking care of your physical and mental health
Your HealthChoosing to ignore your body
Your HealthBeing overly strict with your diet
Your HealthStressing yourself out so much
Your HealthStress eating
Your HealthNot going to the dentist regularly
Your MoneyIgnoring your finances
Your MoneyImpulse buys
Your MoneySpending addictions
Your MoneyLiving beyond your means
Your MoneyKeeping up with the Joneses
Your MoneyRacking up credit-card debt
Your MoneyWorrying about money so much
Your MoneyExcess gambling or lottery playing


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