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Share Life Plus is simple but powerful family building software.  Your Recipients will be able to Share Forward your content with future generations. Only Share Life provides that functionality.

All prices in USD  •  15 Day Free Trial  •  Full access  •  No credit card required

Share Your Messages

Share your messages with one, many or all of your designated Recipients.


All content you create is 100% private until you share it with Recipients.

Date Options

Optional dating methods  >>  YYYY or YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD | No requirement to date Entries.

Scheduled Future Messages

You can schedule delivery of your messages up to 10 years into the future.

Scheduled Messages to Your Future Self

You are automatically set up as a Recipient so you can share Messages with yourself, now or up to 10 years in the future.

Entry Tags

Option to add up to 3 Tags per Entry

Option to indicate Favorite Entries

Share Entries Forward

Your Recipients can Share Forward your content through multiple generations of their families (with membership).

Multiple Sections | Move Sections

Add unlimited number of sections to each Entry . Move sections to rearrange order as desired.

Future Development

Many exciting features planned. Our Members (you) will drive our development priorities.

Above are rough estimates of the capacity of each plan. The writer’s plan is an excellent starting point for users — it may be all you need for many years.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Share Life Plus not free?

Nothing is Free — especially on the internet. Any site providing free access will be supported via advertising and may sell your data and user information — especially if they cannot support the site through advertising alone (very few can). Share Life will always be an Ad-free environment. We cannot provide a great, ad-free user experience, that is private and secure — for free. Nobody can. We believe we’re providing a high-value service at a fair price. We will never sell any data related to our users.

Side note: Facebook is free but is worth $875,000,000,000.  It may be free, but YOU are the product.

At Share Life Plus, we’re providing you a private, secure, ad-free service at a fair price.   Again, we will never sell any user data, ever.

Is Share Life Plus private?

Yes. 100% private. We will never engage in any re-selling of your email, your content, anything. Our only source of revenue will be subscriptions to our service. No games, ever.

What if I do not renew my Subscription?

Content not associated with a subscription will remain viewable but not editable. We will permanently keep/retain data from unpaid memberships provided an account has been active for at least 12 months. We do not delete data. We believe this data retention policy is sustainable provided it is not abused. See our terms of use policy for more information.

What is a Scheduled Future Share?

You can schedule delivery of any message to a future date. For example, you may want to author an Annual New Years’ Eve message to your family. You could write the message in advance and schedule it for delivery on New Years Eve. You might schedule delivery to a grandchild for their 21st birthday. You might  schedule a message to yourself in 5 years.

Message notifications are sent via email. Emails addresses change. We recommend that you use “permanent” email addresses in the system and consider copying a person or two you trust to help ensure delivery at your specified future date.

Are there limits to Scheduled Future Shares?

Maximum Scheduled Future Share is 10 years.

Data Limit on Scheduled Future Share = 5MB / Entry.

You can share each Entry with multiple Recipients.

How is Content Shared over Multiple Generations?

First, to ensure data is preserved, ensure a subscription is maintained. We cannot keep unpaid data indefinitely and keep a low price. We will send reminder emails to help ensure data is retained.

As we move forward, to address users’ varied data retention needs, we will eventually offer long-term, heavily discounted subscriptions.

To Share Forward your content with their future families, your Recipients would need to purchase a subscription.

What are the purpose of Tags?

Tags are keywords that you attach to your Entries. These Tags/keywords should describe, at a high level, the content of each entry.  Each Entry has a Headline and can have up to 3 Tags.  Between the Headline and the Tags, Recipients should have a good idea of the kind of content any individual entry contains.

This is particularly helpful when a Recipient has a long list of Entries received from multiple Authors (subscribers).

Can I change an entry I’ve already made?

Yes, you can change an Entry at any time — even if it’s already been Shared. Changes will flow through to all shared Entries.

We’ve established a simple, flexible environment for users.

More Questions?

If we didn’t answer all your questions, feel free to ask.