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Using The Share/Future Share Utility

Click on the “Share With Recipients” icon to Share an Entry or to  schedule a Future Share date for your Entry. The Share/Future Share utility will pop up.

Within the utility, you can share with one or many of your Recipients.

Share immediately by simply adding the name of the person you want to share with, and click Share. That’s it, done.

Scheduling a Future Share is simple — select a date and the calendar icon will turn green, indicating that the share will occur on that date. You can share with one or many and can share on one date or share over multiple dates.

If you change your mind, you can cancel a Share or Future Share at any time, by clicking on the Trash icon. If you had previously shared the Entry, your Recipient will no longer see it.  Also, if you cancel a Future Share, the share will be eliminated from the scheduler and will not be delivered.

Editing an Entry After you Share It is Okay …

Note that you can Edit an Entry at any time and changes will automatically flow through to your Recipients. This is important to understand.  The content in any given Shared Entry is not static after it is shared. The Entry ID is shared with your Recipients, not the content within an Entry. This approach was purposely taken to provide you with maximum flexibility. There is no need to cancel or delete a previously shared Entry that you choose to Edit.


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