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Things You’ll Regret Doing

Below are some short Things You’ll Regret Doing concepts you may draw upon for inspiration in your writing.

We’ve all done some, if not many, of these things – and we’ve learned (hopefully). Share that learning with your current and future family on Share Life Plus.

Your Relationship with Yourself
Not listening to your inner voice / your gut
Letting fear dictate decisions
Worrying so much about what others think
Living life based on what someone else wants
Choosing to be like everyone else
Choosing to let life pass you by
Not traveling enough
Wasting time on frivolous things instead of investing in yourself
Not enjoying life more
Not pushing yourself forward
Waiting for someone else to give you an opportunity
Letting someone other than yourself be in charge of your happiness
Not believing in yourself
Associating happiness with unattainable goals
Being afraid to take more risks
Not standing up to the bully`
Doing the bare minimum
Living a lie
Being selfish
Letting the little things get to you
Being too afraid to live
Criminal acts
Hating yourself
Not having the courage to speak up regarding emotional or sexual abuse

Your Relationships with Others
Treating your parents or grandparents poorly
Fearing rejection more than gathering the courage to ask someone out
Letting that romantic relationship needlessly fall apart
Marrying the first person who asked because … (any number of bad reasons)
Marrying for the wrong reasons
Taking your partner for granted
Cheating on a partner
Letting your marriage break down
Letting friendships slip away
Getting involved with the wrong group of friends
Not being there when someone needed you most
Sharing a secret someone told you in confidence
Belittling others
Keeping toxic people in your life
Staying angry at someone
Succumbing to peer pressure
Being close-minded
Closing people off
Burning bridges
Holding grudges
Having enemies
Not visiting a dying friend before s/he died
Not having the courage to talk at a funeral or important event

Your Relationship with Your Family
The time you didn’t spend with loved ones
Not spending more time with your kids
Yelling at your kids
Indulging your kids every desire
Being a helicopter parent
Being an overly strict / overly lenient parent
Not saying “I love you”

Your Relationship with Your Health
Not taking care of your physical and mental health
Choosing to ignore your body
Being overly strict with your diet
Stressing yourself out so much
Stress eating
Not going to the dentist regularly

Your Relationship with Your Career
Not taking action on an opportunity
Not going for that dream job
Dropping out of school
Taking a job for the money
Overworking yourself
Not taking that much-needed vacation
Staying at a dead-end job or job you hate

Your Relationship with Money
Ignoring your finances
Impulse buys
Spending addictions
Living beyond your means
Keeping up with the Joneses
Racking up credit-card debt
Worrying about money so much
Excess gambling or lottery playing

Not giving back
Sending that email/text when you’re angry or drunk
Posting on social media when you’re angry or drunk
Wasting too much time playing digital games
Substance abuse

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