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The Entry Page

 The Entry Page is where you create content for your recipients.  Content Can be written or you can upload and embed images, videos, video recordings or documents.




[1] Each Entry is required to have a Title

[2] You have the option to add up to 3 Tags per Entry 

[3] You have the option to add a Date to each Entry and can enter the date in MM-DD-YYYY, MM-YYYY or YYYY format

[4] You have the option to share any Entry with one or more Recipients.  You can share now or at a scheduled future date up to 10 years into the future (maximum 5mb for a scheduled Entry). You can also send a future message to yourself when selecting this option.

[5] You can add an unlimited number of Sections within an Entry, enabling many creative uses for an Entry. For example, you take a memoir or chapter approach to writing your life story. You could capture the ups/downs as your children grow in a diary style (by dating each Entry in it’s body). You can also move and reorder sections. We will be interested in creative ways that members use the Section feature.

[6] You can Delete any Entry using the Trash can Icon

[7] After you save an Entry, the cumulative data will display at the right of the top section. This is useful in keeping track of your data consumption. 

{8} The Editor has common word processing commands and you can use the Editor to upload and embed, images, videos, audio files and documents. You also can create basic tables.

Note that at the bottom of every page in Share Life you can access our Knowledge Base.



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