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Text Editor Capabilities

Most of the Text Editor should be familiar to most users.  We’ve kept it simple by providing the most commonly used commands.

Below we list what each icon text editor represents.

Text Editor commands:

Top Left ⇒ Right

PDF — Export to PDF

Link — Link to other sites

Magnifying glass – Find

b↔d – Replace

Select All

ABC – Spell Check as you type

Insert Image

Insert Table

Insert Horizontal Line

Insert Smiley

Insert Symbol / Special Character

Insert Page Break for Printing


Bottom Left ⇒ Right

Font | Size | Bold | Italics | Underline

Text Color

Text Highlight

Insert / Remove Numbered List

Inser / Remove Bullet List

Decrease Indent

Increase Indent

Align left | Center | Left | Justify

Text Direction Left → Right

Text Direction Right → Left

Set Language


Jump to other articles for a detailed review of Entry functionality:

Adding Tags

Adding Sections to an Entry

Using the Share/Future Share Utility


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