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Manage Recipients

The Manage Recipients page has a number of functions.  Here you can Add, Edit and Delete Recipients. Note, if you Delete a Recipient, any content you’ve shared with them will no longer be accessible by that Recipient.

Below we offer brief explanations for each column.

Columns on the Manage Recipients page:

First Name | last Name – self-evident

Role – For now, all your Recipients will have a Role of Recipient. You, as a subscriber have the Role of “Author.” As Share Life develops, we expect to offer a:

Couples Plan – where you and your significant other could both contribute content to Share Life

Family 6 Plan – where you and five others could contribute content to Share Life (intended for parents and 2 sets of grandparents)

These plans would require designating multiple “Co-Author” Roles which would be displayed in this column. We will develop based on the priorities of paid subscribers.

Email – will display the email we have on file for your recipient

Invited – will display the date you sent an invitation to your Recipient

Confirmed – will display the date they agreed to be your Recipient. You cannot share content with a Recipient who has not confirmed. If the column is blank, they have not confirmed.

Actions – click on the icon to initiate an action

Pen Icon – edit First Name, Last Name, Email

Paper Airplane – resend invite (disappears after confirmation)

Trash Can – delete Recipient

Let us know if we are missing any Recipient management capabilities.



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