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How Your Content Is Shared Over Multiple Generations

The ability to Share Forward content over multiple generations is what really distinguishes Share Life.

Below is a mock-up of an Entries List. Your Entries List will display all Share Life Entries you’ve created and Entries other Authors have created and have shared with you.

Note that, in our mock-up, Jesse James is the subscriber or Author. The Status of Entries created by Jesse can only be Shared, Not Shared, or Scheduled (a Future Share).

Note that the next 6 Entries were not created by Jesse. These Entries were all “Received” from other subscribers or Authors that are family or close friends of Jesse.

The Entry “What My Career Taught Me” was written by Christian Wade and subsequently Shared Forward by Jesse to one or many Recipients.

Any Entry you share can be shared by your Recipients, if they become subscribers, with their Recipients. This sharing can happen over many generations. In this way, your content could be read 100 years from now by a great-great-grandchild!

We think Share Life can be a wonderful a new tradition you can build for your family. You can build a resource that future generations can draw from to understand where they came from, who they are, that they are part of something much bigger than themselves.  Share Life can be used to add purpose and perspective to the lives of your future family members.

Share Life can be used to build a database of wisdom that your future family can access to gain a lifetime of insight at a young age.  Gaining insight when young will provide a life springboard for the children lucky enough to receive your amazing gift of insight and knowledge.

The process of adding stories, memories, knowledge can build over multiple generations with each generation adding insight gained over a lifetime. The result can be a wealth of knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

Share Life is Family Building Software in the cloud. There is so much each of us has learned and will learn in our lifetimes. Any insight or knowledge you share is 100% more than sharing nothing.

Think of your family as multi-generational.  Share Life, done right, will bond future generations with past generations and will add substance, character, resilience, knowledge, a sense of purpose — all good things — in the future generations who benefit from your content.

Keep it casual, keep it fun.  Beyond anything, keep it real, keep it authentic.


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