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Creating An Entry

If you haven’t yet created an Entry, you will see the screen below. Click on “Create Entry” to create your first Entry.  To familiarize yourself with how Share Life works, you can put anything in your first Entry and just play around with the functionality surrounding an Entry.  You can easily delete any Entry at any time so, have at it and test drive an Entry!

After you see the many capabilities of an Entry — the creativity will come! 🙂

Below is the Entry Screen. Besides making an Entry you can:

•  Create an Entry Title — creating an Entry title is the only required action for an Entry — everything else is optional

•  Add up to 3 Tags on each Entry

•  Date your Entry MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY or YYYY

•  Share or Future Share your Entry with your Recipients

•  Add an unlimted number of Sections to an Entry

•  Use the Editor to execute common word formatting commands and to upload and embed images, video or audio recordings

(See Links Below)


Jump to other articles for a detailed review of Entry functionality:

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