Building Family Identity and Resilience

Share Life Plus is about providing a platform to help you build family identity, resilience, bonding, and knowledge over multiple generations.

We help by providing an AWS-hosted cloud platform for you to write content and to upload and embed images, video, and audio recordings. The key feature of Share Life is that your Recipients can Share Forward your content with their children and grandchildren. This Sharing Forward, over multiple generations, can make your family stronger over generations.

Share Life can be used to document your family’s history, your life story, family memories, your values, your knowledge — anything authentic.

When children understand their family history, they develop a Family Identity. Having a family identity provides an “identity springboard” from which they can more effectively carve their own path — build their own life.

Children who know life stories within their extended family, especially where current or past family members have faced adversities and have persevered, gain coping skills and resilience.

Current and future generations, having access to a rich heritage of family memories, promotes intergenerational bonding. Fun times, tough times, victories, defeats — they all form a wealth of family memories. These family memories can bond families over multiple generations. Family memories help future generations understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves and that their ancestors invested in their future.  

Having access to knowledge gained by ancestors over their lifetimes provides a jump start to their understanding of the world, that they can leverage to achieve more fulfilling outcomes in their lives. 

Imagine if you, as a child, would have had access to a wealth of family history, family life stories, memories and knowledge.  You would have felt tremendous gratitude for what they had let you. Some of it would have seemed old-fashioned, but some of it would be timeless and of great value. You would have understood that family members invested time to ensure you had access to truth. You would have felt some obligation to do better knowing they had invested so heavily into you.

Old family stories, knowledge and information would have given you a deeper sense of purpose.

Now, you can give that gift to current and future generations.

The Share Life concept can be started by any family leader and it doesn’t have to be a structured process.  Begin by preserving the fun times, preserving the memories of your children growing up, the crazy stories of your youth, and so on.  Over time you will naturally extend the type of content you add to Share Life.

If you are a grandparent, your children and grandchildren will be the first beneficiaries of your efforts.  Work with your adult children to ensure they are onboard and to ensure you’re helping them achieve the goals they have for their children.  Ensure they understand that you are trying to build something that you hope they will someday add their stories and insight to for the benefit of their children and grandchildren.

We hope to see members begin a new family tradition of building family identity, resilience, bonding and knowledge over generations. Great multigenerational families don’t just happen. Each generation builds on previous generations.

None of this means or is intended to mean that your children and grandchildren will embrace and carry forward all of your thinking and beliefs, nor should you Share Life with that sort of expectation. But it does mean you can provide a springboard for them to grow from.

The seeds of great multigenerational families are planted by ancestors and cultivated by current generations. 

We hope you will join and stay with us as, over time and with your suggestions, we plan to build great software that will help all members accomplish individual goals for their families.