About Share Life Plus

The Backstory

Share Life Plus is dedicated to, and in many ways, the product of, my mother, Emilie (Schmalenberg) Mantay.

When we were kids, she wrote down some of our cute kiddie stories. Those stories were a fun read, but most have been lost over time.

In her later years she put a lot of effort into writing about her life, family and family traditions, and writing down select quotes. These efforts were on paper, in Word files, in photo albums, recipe books — all over the place.

Her work is not easily accessible, so it hasn’t often been accessed. I’m quite sure her work has been rarely accessed by her 6 grandchildren. That’s a shame.

About two years ago, as something I might share with my girls, I had an urge to write about things my life has taught me. I thought it would be a great gift so, at a young age, they could understand things it took me a lifetime to learn. I quickly realized I would wander into the same trap as my mother (not easily accessed and not well organized) so the work would be largely wasted. I stopped writing. Again, a shame.

Every one of us has a lifetime of learning to share and very few of us write it down for our current and future family to benefit from. Yet another shame right?

Also, within our family, as in most families, there had never been a tradition of documenting family history, life stories, memories and knowledge. Some of the great multigenerational families seriously document these things in order to best serve the long term interests of their families.

Imagine being able to read the wisdom of our ancestors from 100, 200 years ago!  Few families have that luxury, those treasures. With Share Life you can create a foundation of your family history, life stories, memories and knowledge that future generations of your family can benefit from and build upon.

Create A Collection of Family Memories and Learning

The power of family history and life stories are not limited to documenting life journey’s.  The power is in the lessons learned, understanding the hardships faced and overcome, the knowledge gained. The power is in building a family collective memory, preserved in writing, photos, videos, audio recordings and built upon over multiple generations. The value of each generation being able to build upon the learning of previous generations is immeasurable.

Share Life helps families create a tradition of documenting and sharing forward their family history, stories, memories, and knowledge over multiple generations. Building a collection of family memories and knowledge is like taking genealogy and flipping it upside down. Share Life is future focused, not backward looking.

The hope is that, over multiple generations, the good is not lost and the best is built upon so that our future families can achieve more than we could. Much more. The effort we put in now can better equip our descendants for greater success in their lives.

Tangible Benefits For You 

There are also tangible personal benefits to you, the author and curator. Writing cultivates our ability to observe our thoughts and feelings and to gain insight into ourselves. Writing cleanses and heals.  Writing moves us closer to truth and to understanding. Sharing a lifetime of insight with your children and multiple future generations, will enrich your life.     

It doesn’t matter whether you are a good writer.  The value is in the process. Over time you will express yourself better. You will sharpen your messages and the process will increase personal awareness. What you gain from the process of writing and curating, will correlate with the effort you put in.

Share Life Plus Makes It Easy

Share Life has been designed in a scrapbook form.  The idea is to make writing things down as easy as possible.  Structure is not critical to the Share Life process.  Writing, adding photo’s, video’s, audio files and documents — anything authentic, will build a better body of work than doing nothing.

Share Life provides a simple Entry format.  Each Entry must, at minimum, have a Title.  From there, you can add up to 3 Tags per Entry and, if it makes sense, you can date each Entry in YYYY, YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD formats — whatever makes sense for that Entry.  These features make it easy for future readers to identify Entries they want to read at any given time.

You can also add multiple forms of media to Share Life.

Share Life is not a guided experience.  You decide what you want to write.  Again, anything is better than nothing.  So don’t worry too much about style, form, or if you’re doing it the “right way.”  That’s not the point.  Substance over form. We provide a Knowledge Base which provides articles, writing prompts and ideas to inspire your writing. We will always look for ways to enhance the Knowledge Base. Please tell us how we can make it better.

Users Will Drive Development

Share Life is by no means a finished product.  We have many ideas to make Share Life a deeper, richer experience for everyone. Your feedback is critical. Our members will decide development priorities and we will seek member input at important points in the design process. We very much want Share Life to be a the product of our members collective desires for the product. 

So, sign up, use the product and tell us how we can make it better for you!

Our intention is to keep Share Life pricing accessible to all. We view accessible pricing as a long-term commitment. We want everyone to … Share Life.

Share Life — Secure, Private, Accessible, Organized, Relevant, Easy

Ready, Set, Write!

Bernie Mantay, Founder, Share Life Plus

Feel free to reach me directly at admin@sharelife.plus