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CategoryWriting Prompt
About YouFull name + meaning of name
About YouNicknames + origin of nicknames
About YouDate of Birth
About YouBirth location
About YouHistorical event on your birthdate
About YouHistorical event born during a larger event
About YouHair color + eye color
About YouAdult height + adult weight
About YouEthnicity
About YouStories on how your siblings reacted to your birth
About YouIntrovert / extrovert
About YouGreatest achievement(s) of your life
About YouPersonal superstitions
About YouGreatest spiritual moments
About YouMoment of spiritual crisis
About YouWhat you find uplifting/beautiful in life
About YouFavorite hobbies / past times
About YouFavorite cars you’ve owned
About YouDecisions you made that had a long-lasting positive effect on your life
About YouMost difficult decision(s) you had to make
About YouForks in the Road you’ve encountered – how/why you responded to them
About YouMost pivotal event(s) in your life
About YouUnpredictable turns in life
About YouCommon threads throughout your life
About YouYour slow-motion-time experiences
About YouLessons learned the hard way
About YouMoment(s) where you understood what it meant to feel alone
About YouYour relationship with money – how that relationship has evolved, lessons learned
About YouWhat do people initially think about you that turns out to be wrong / why does it happen?
About YouA circumstance where you stood by and/or supported someone going through a difficult period
About YouThe most difficult phone call you had to make / meeting/ giver of news
About YouBest advice ever received
About YouSomeone you greatly miss in your life
About YouWhat never fails to bring a smile to your face
About YouWhat you used to fear, that you no longer fear
About YouGhost stories
About YouHaunted houses/places visited / anything unsual happen?
About YouCreepy places you've been to
About YouBad vibe/creepy people you've met
About YouHow your political views have evolved over time
About YouYour views on politics, democracy, capitalism, communism, authoritarianism, fascism, etc
About YouYour views on the importance of truth
About YouYour view of how some media outlets have become political, distorting truth, altering reality, etc
About YouYour experience(s) with the law
About YouYour sense of humor, what you find funny, the value of humor
About YouDiscuss your beliefs on true love, the value of love, what love means to you
About YouWhat makes the right life partner
About YouYour highest high – lowest low
About YouA time when a stranger showed you kindness
About YouA "near miss" event / events in your life
About YouOn making yourself better every day
About YouSelf-improvement advice that worked best for you
About YouYour views on how to be happy in life
About YouImportance of nature to you – where/how you like to experience nature – great memories
About YouThe most daring thing you ever did
About YouStupidest thing you ever did
About YouYour most embarrassing moment
About You"Small world" moment(s)
About YouTime you listened to your gut instinct
About YouTime you didn't listen to your gut instinct
About YouBravest thing you ever did
About YouFavorite family recipes
About YouFavorite books
About YouFiction vs Non-fiction
About YouMeeting someone famous
About YouIf you could travel back in time, when/where would you go / why
About YouIf you could have dinner with 3 famous people from history, who and why?
About YouYour 1 in a 1,000,000 moment
About YouThings you are grateful for
About YouWhat you would tell your younger self
About YouDo you feel your age?
About YouTo you, what is maturity?
About YouSome things that have surprised you about adulthood
About YouOn paying it forward
About YouWhat you would hope you are remembered for
About YouYour experience(s) with sexual harrassment, assult, etc / impact / advice
Your ChildhoodDescribe your earliest memory
Your ChildhoodWhat was it like growing up in the 30s?
Your ChildhoodWhat was it like growing up in the 40s?
Your ChildhoodWhat was it like growing up in the 50s?
Your ChildhoodWhat was it like growing up in the 60s?
Your ChildhoodWhat was it like growing up in the 70s?
Your ChildhoodWhat was it like growing up in the 80s?
Your ChildhoodDid you ever get lost as a child?
Your ChildhoodChildhood hero + why
Your ChildhoodThings you loved doing
Your ChildhoodFavorite sports
Your ChildhoodSports / games you played with your friends
Your ChildhoodSports you played
Your ChildhoodSport successes / achievments
Your ChildhoodHobbies
Your ChildhoodFirst song you remember
Your ChildhoodFavorite songs
Your ChildhoodPopular bands at the time
Your ChildhoodFavorite Movies
Your ChildhoodYour favorite cartoons
Your ChildhoodThings you collected
Your ChildhoodAwards / achievements / special moments
Your ChildhoodThings you taught yourself
Your ChildhoodFavorite meals your parents made
Your ChildhoodSpecial birthdays
Your ChildhoodYour closest friends
Your ChildhoodThings you did with friends
Your ChildhoodMischief your group got into
Your ChildhoodFunny stories, memories
Your ChildhoodGreat summers!
Your ChildhoodGreat snow days!
Your ChildhoodGreatest family vacations
Your ChildhoodFavorite family traditions
Your ChildhoodFavorite pets
Your ChildhoodWhat you were like as a child
Your ChildhoodThings you liked doing with your parents
Your ChildhoodThings you remember about grandparents
Your ChildhoodThings you remember about Uncles, Aunts, Cousins
Your ChildhoodThings you remember about close family friends
Your ChildhoodDid you have a "home away from home?"
Your ChildhoodCrushes?
Your ChildhoodChores you were expected to do
Your ChildhoodWhere you grew up / effect on you
Your ChildhoodIf you moved a lot / impact of various moves
Your ChildhoodReligion / impact as a kid
Your ChildhoodMean kids you endured
Your ChildhoodChildhood friends that remained friends throughout your life / what kept the bond?
Your ChildhoodHistorical events you lived through / impact
Your ChildhoodChildhood defining experiences
Your TeensThings you loved doing
Your TeensFavorite sports
Your TeensSports you played
Your TeensSport successes
Your TeensHobbies
Your TeensFavorite songs
Your TeensFavorite bands
Your TeensPopular bands at the time
Your TeensFavorite Movies
Your TeensSpecial birthdays
Your TeensYour closest friends
Your TeensThings you did with friends
Your TeensMischief your group got into
Your TeensGreatest pranks
Your TeensRun-ins with the law – impact on you
Your TeensPhysical fights you had
Your TeensFunny stories, memories
Your TeensGreat summers!
Your TeensGreat snow days!
Your TeensGreatest family vacations
Your TeensYour favorite cartoons
Your TeensBiggest Fads + your participation in or not
Your TeensReligion / impact as a teen
Your TeensWhat you were like as a teen
Your TeensCrushes, first kisses, first loves?
Your TeensDid you meet your "forever love" as a teen?
Your TeensHigh school experience
Your TeensAwards / achievements / special moments
Your TeensTeacher(s) that had the greatest impact on you – how/why
Your TeensThe prom -- memories / thoughts on today
Your TeensMean teens you endured
Your TeensPeer pressures / how you overcame
Your TeensInsecurities / impact
Your TeensInfluence friends had on you -- good/not good
Your TeensSomeone you helped along the way – impact on you
Your TeensGreat birthdays -- 16th, 18th, 19th …
Your TeensHow was your relationship with your parents in your teenage years?
Your TeensHow your parents influenced your teen years
Your TeensHow grandparents influenced your teen years
Your TeensHow family friends influenced your teen years
Your TeensWhen did you learn to drive? /experiences, stories
Your TeensFreedoms gained/not-gained over time – impact
Your TeensValues you lived -- didn't live
Your TeensWhat you rebelled against / thoughts now
Your TeensWhat you complied with / thoughts now
Your TeensA time when you struggled with your identity
Your TeensA time when you struggled with your self-esteem
Your TeensEarly jobs and what they taught you
Your TeensElements/friends you felt you had to break free of
Your TeensSomething you can only talk about now
Your TeensTeenage defining experiences
Your 20’s20th, 21st birthday
Your 20’sHow your teen experiences influenced your 20's
Your 20’sHow friends influenced your 20's
Your 20’sHow your parents influenced your 20's
Your 20’sHow your grandparents influenced your 20's
Your 20’sHow family friends influenced your 20's
Your 20’sPost-secondary education - the experience of leaving home
Your 20’sPost-secondary education - choices made / why
Your 20’sPost-secondary education - positive impacts
Your 20’sPost-secondary education - degrees
Your 20’sPost-secondary education - value of the experience to you, beyond education
Your 20’sPost-secondary education - the fun/crazy things you did during that time
Your 20’sArmed forces experience - what branch joined / why
Your 20’sArmed forces experience - why joined
Your 20’sArmed forces experience - places you've been
Your 20’sArmed forces experience - crazy leave stories
Your 20’sArmed forces experience - impact on you
Your 20’sArmed forces experience - positives/negatives
Your 20’sYour first car
Your 20’sGreat travel experiences that opened your eyes
Your 20’sFun, wild, crazy, and spontaneous times/experiences
Your 20’sSomething dangerous you did
Your 20’sSomething adventurous you did
Your 20’sBizarre moments
Your 20’sSilly moments
Your 20’sThe moment you chose to take action on something
Your 20’sYour first love / first serious love
Your 20’sGreat dating stories
Your 20’sDating disaster stories
Your 20’sBreak-up(s) - fall out
Your 20’sBreak-up(s) - personal impact
Your 20’sBreak-up(s) - lessons learned
Your 20’sExperience with cheating …
Your 20’sHow you met your spouse/partner
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – early stories, unbelievable luck
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – love at first sight, etc
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – reasons you fell in love
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – how you knew he/she was the one
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – funny dating stories
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – the proposal
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – engagement stories
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – wedding stories
Your 20’sSpouse/partner – honeymoon stories
Your 20’sDid you begin to understand your real self?
Your 20’sAge you understood what you were going to be about
Your 20’sAge you realized you were an adult
Your 20’sThings you never outgrow
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - where from
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - stories from their youth
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - history lived
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, etc
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - migrations
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - when/where immigrated
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - refugees
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - slavery
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - ethnicity / traditions / how they shaped you
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - occupations
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - their lives / struggles
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - religion
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - known health issues
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - legends
Family HistoryEarlier generations stories - tragedies and how they dealt with them
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - where/when born
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - stories from their youth
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - history lived
Family HistoryGrandpaernts stories - WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, etc
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - when/where immigrated
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - refugees
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - ethnicity / traditions / how they shaped you
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - fun stories from youth
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - occupations
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - how they met
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - their dating years
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - engagement stories
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - wedding stories
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - honeymoon stories
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - stories about their children
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - their values, traditions
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - their religion, religious views
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - legendary stories
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - struggles/obstacles overcome
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - known health issues
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - legends
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - signature phrases
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - Accomplishments
Family HistoryGrandparents stories - tragedies and how they dealt with them
Your ParentsWhere/when born
Your ParentsHistory lived
Your ParentsClose Calls …
Your ParentsWhen/where immigrated
Your ParentsRefugees
Your ParentsFun youth stories
Your ParentsOccupations
Your ParentsHow they met
Your ParentsTheir dating years
Your ParentsEngagement stories
Your ParentsWedding stories
Your ParentsHoneymoon stories
Your ParentsTheir values / traditions / how they shaped you
Your ParentsStruggles/obstacles overcome
Your ParentsSignature phrases
Your ParentsAccomplishments
Your ParentsStories about you as a kid
Your ParentsYour similarities/differences with family members
Your ParentsHow your parents shaped you
Your ParentsHow your mother and father differed in their approach to raising their kids
Your ParentsSomething your parents said that you never forgot
Your ParentsDid your parents have "the talk" with you? / your reaction
Your ParentsValues they lived, you try to carry forward
Your ParentsValues they lived, you choose to not carry forward
Your ParentsHow family milestones were celebrated
Your ParentsTheir values / traditions
Your ParentsStruggles/obstacles they overcame
Your ParentsSignature phrases
Your ParentsAccomplishments
Your ParentsHoliday seasons at their home
Your ParentsFavorite family recipees you'd like to share forward
Your ParentsFavorite vacations with your parents / family
Your ParentsTragedies and how they dealt with them
Your ParentsAny stories of a parent having recurring "visitors" in the months before their passing? / thoughts?
Your FamilyHistory you lived through as a family
Your FamilyClose Calls …
Your FamilyWhen/where immigrated
Your FamilyYour first "home"
Your FamilySubsequent moves
Your FamilyThe experience of having your first born -- your reaction
Your FamilyThe moment you understood unconditional love
Your FamilyThe stories of the birth of each of your children
Your FamilyHow siblings reacted to having a new brother/sister
Your FamilyStory behind name choices for your children
Your FamilyStories of your children -- as toddlers
Your FamilyStories of your children -- first day of school
Your FamilyStories of your children -- fun kiddie moments
Your FamilyStories of your children -- the teen years
Your FamilyThings they never told you about babies
Your FamilyThings they never told you about raising kids
Your FamilyFailed pregancies / impact
Your FamilyStory about having "the talk" with your children
Your FamilyBoundaries you had to set with grandparents
Your FamilyBoundaries you should have set with grandparents
Your FamilyThe relationship challenges babies bring
Your FamilyMistakes you've made as a parent / parents
Your FamilyThings you did right as a parent / parents
Your FamilyWhat you have learned from being a parent
Your FamilyYour view on the keys to successfully rearing children
Your FamilyThings you think you could have focused on more
Your FamilyValues / traditions you tried to build into your family
Your FamilyValues / traditions you hope will carry forward
Your FamilyStruggles/obstacles overcome
Your FamilyHoliday seasons at your home
Your FamilyFavorite vacations with your family
Your FamilyHow your relationships with your siblings changed over the years
Your FamilyWhat you hope your children remember you for
Your FamilyTragedies and how you dealt with them
CareerCareer you wanted to pursue early / why?
CareerFirst job after completing your education
CareerBest jobs you had and why they were the best
CareerDescribe what mentors you had along the way and what they taught you
CareerYour best bosses and why they were best
CareerIf you changed your career / why? / was it the right move?
CareerGreatest accomplishments
CareerLargest risk you took
CareerElements you most struggled with over the years
CareerWhat work like taught you
CareerYour view on the value of work
RelationshipsPeople you’ve loved in your life
RelationshipsHow you grew as a person because of The people you loved
RelationshipsRelationships that lasted a lifetime / why
RelationshipsThe most important and valued friendships in your life
RelationshipsWhat you gained/learned from those relationships
RelationshipsYou are your 5 closest friends -- do you agree with this saying?
RelationshipsDo unto others as you would have them do unto you -- do you agree with this saying?
RelationshipsQualities in friends do you most value
RelationshipsComment on the value of trust, honesty and respect in relationships
RelationshipsHow your relationship with yourself has evolved over time
RelationshipsDo you belive in "love at first sight?"
RelationshipsWhat does love mean to you?
What MattersWhat You’ve Concluded is Important to You
What MattersWhat you view as important - Religion, spirituality, faith, etc
What MattersWhat you view as important - Courage, action, initiative, etc
What MattersWhat you view as important - Family, love, relationships, values, humor, etc
What MattersWhat you view as important - Security, money, connections, knowledge, etc
What MattersWhat you view as important - Ongoing personal development, education, etc
What MattersThings that have strengthened you faith
What MattersYour view on life after death
What MattersEvents that made you realize what is important in life
What MattersHow your views have evolved over your lifetime
What MattersMotto(s) or creed(s) you live by
What MattersWhat personal wealth means to you
What MattersWhat a "good life" lived means to you
What MattersThings you wished you understood at a younger age
What MattersCauses you’ve got behind and how those experiences have enriched your life
What MattersVolunteer work you’ve done and what you’ve gained from those experiences
What MattersYour personal values and why they are important to you
What MattersHave you stood up for your principles? / impact of …
Insight GainedInsights gained over a lifetime
Insight GainedInsights gained from your understanding of your parents/grandparents lives
Insight GainedHow being a parent enriched your life / made you a better person
Insight GainedHow you might have done better with your children
Insight GainedThe impact your career choice has had on your life
Insight GainedLessons learned during your career
Insight GainedHow living good values benefitted your life
Insight GainedYour experiences with fear, forgiveness, joy, victory, defeat
Insight GainedWorrying adds no value
Insight GainedOn being yourself / true to yourself / being genuine
Insight GainedMost important values -- Courage, responsibiity, discipline, resilience
Insight GainedMost important values -- Awareness, moderation, initiative, efficiency
Insight GainedMost important values -- Optimism, curiosity, education
Insight GainedMost important values -- Authenticity, trust, honesty, respect, loyalty
Insight GainedMost important values -- leadership, experience, good humor
Insight GainedMost important values -- freedom, community, justice, empathy, sustainability
HealthFamily health history – physical -- heart, cancers, other
HealthFamily health history – mental -- addictions, other
HealthYour overall health over the years – mental, physical
HealthSurgeries, testing, broken, allergies, auto immune
HealthKeys to health – mental, physical, spiritual, diet, exercise, habits
HealthDangers of vices
HealthBalance / avoiding extremes
HealthHow you overcame health issues
HealthImportance of building good habits while you are young
HealthIt’s never too late to start living good habits
History LivedHave you fought in wars?
History LivedHave you lived through wars?
History LivedSevere weather events - hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods
History LivedYour experience of: 1939 Start of WW2
History LivedYour experience of: 1940 - 1945 The Holocaust
History LivedYour experience of: 1941 Pearl Harbor
History LivedYour experience of: 1945 End of WW2
History LivedYour experience of: 1946 - 1991 The Cold War
History LivedYour experience of: 1950 - 1953 Korean War
History LivedYour experience of: 1955 - 1975 Vietnam War
History LivedYour experience of: 1961 First man in space
History LivedYour experience of: 1963 Martin Luther King Jr "I Have a Dream" speech
History LivedYour experience of: 1963 President Kennedy assasination
History LivedYour experience of: 1964 Civil Rights Act
History LivedYour experience of: 1967 Summer of Love
History LivedYour experience of: 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. assasination
History LivedYour experience of: 1969 first moon landing
History LivedYour experience of: 1970 end of the Beatles
History LivedYour experience of: 1970 Kent State University killings
History LivedYour experience of: 1972 - 1974 Watergate / Nixon resigns
History LivedYour experience of: 1976 Nadia Comaneci perfect 10
History LivedYour experience of: 1979 Three Mile Island
History LivedYour experience of: 1980 John Lennon murder
History LivedYour experience of: 1981 Ronald Reagan shot
History LivedYour experience of: 1986 Space shuttle Challenger exploding
History LivedYour experience of: 1987 Black Monday
History LivedYour experience of: 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall
History LivedYour experience of: 1989 Tainanmen Square Massacre
History LivedYour experience of: 1990 Persian Gulf War
History LivedYour experience of: 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union
History LivedYour experience of: 1994 death of Kurt Cobain
History LivedYour experience of: 1994 Nelson Mandela elected South African president
History LivedYour experience of: 1994 OJ chase / murder trial
History LivedYour experience of: 1995 Oklahoma Bombing
History LivedYour experience of: 1997 death of Princess Diana
History LivedYour experience of: 1998 President Clinton / Monica Lewinsky fallout
History LivedYour experience of: 1999 Columbine High School massacre
History LivedYour experience of: 1999 New Years Eve
History LivedYour experience of: 2000 collapse of tech bubble
History LivedYour experience of: 2001 9/11
History LivedYour experience of: 2003 Iraq War
History LivedYour experience of: 2005 arrival of YouTube
History LivedYour experience of: 2007 - 2009 Great Recession
History LivedYour experience of: 2016 election of Donald Trump
History LivedYour experience of: 2020 - 2021 COVID 19 pandemic
History LivedYour experience of: 2020 - ? the ongoing "big lie"
History LivedYour experience of: 2021 January 6 insurrection
History LivedYour experience of Climate change gaining attention
History LivedApple vs Microsoft
History LivedMobile phones -- early adopter or did you resist?
TravelCountries you’ve visited / impact on you
TravelCountries you’ve lived in / impact on you
TravelHow travel changes your perspective
TravelGreat travel adventures
TravelWonder travel experiences
TravelGreat road trips
TravelGreat camping trips
TravelWhen things didn't go as planned
Home AdviceRent vs Buy -- advantages/disadvantages
Home AdviceWords of wisdom on buying a home
Home AdviceWords of wisdom on mortgages
Home AdviceConsiderations such as income security when considering a home purchase
Home AdviceOther considerations such as your communte, the neighborhood, school, etc
Home AdviceHome maintenance advice
Home AdviceHome improvement advice
Home AdviceHow to make a house, a home
AdviceFor kids, general advice
AdviceFor kids, regarding girls / boys
AdviceFor kids, on makng friends / being a good friend
AdviceFor kids, regarding elementary school
AdviceFor kids, on getting involved in actvities
AdviceFor kids, on learning how to play a musical instrument
AdviceFor kids, on getting involved in sports
AdviceAdvice on drugs, drinking, etc
AdviceFor teens, general advice
AdviceFor teens, regarding teen girls / teen boys
AdviceFor teens, on makng friends / being a good friend
AdviceFor teens, regarding high school
AdviceFor teens, on getting involved in actvities
AdviceFor teens, on finding productive hobbies
AdviceFor teens, on getting involved in sports
AdviceFor teens, life lessons they should understand
AdviceFor teens, leading versus following
AdviceFor teens, on being who you are, being yourself
AdviceFor college students, on pursuing the right major
AdviceFor college students, the value of elective courses
AdviceFor college students, on getting involved with clubs
AdviceFor college students, on getting involved with sports
AdviceFor college students, on living the full college experience
AdviceFor college students, on having fun
AdviceFor college students, on becoming well rounded
AdviceFor college students, on evaluating career beginning options
AdviceFor college students, on what employers want from college graduates
AdviceFor college students, on the value of coop / work experience programs
AdviceCareer advice, how to choose among early employment opportunities
AdviceCareer advice, what employers really want
AdviceCareer advice, how to prepare for a job interview
AdviceCareer advice, how to close employment opportunities you want
AdviceCareer advice, how to ensure you do well in your first job
AdviceCareer advice, thoughts on staying at a company vs moving around
AdviceCareer advice, career vs starting your own business
AdviceFor parents, respect your childs little problems so they form the habit of talking with you
AdviceFor parents, respect each other, work together -- develop unified responses
AdviceFor parents, help each other -- by definition each of us have differing strengths
AdviceFor parents, don't choose the easy way out today with your kids -- think long term
AdviceFor parents, above all, ensure your children know they are loved
AdviceInsecurities, your thoughts regarding
AdviceInsecurities, your thoughts on overcoming
AdviceOvercoming fear
AdviceYour views on things that are most important to understand about life
AdviceSomething every young person should understand
AdviceOn listening to your gut instincts / inner voice
AdviceOn lending money to people
Alt Quick ListBirth
Alt Quick ListChildhood
Alt Quick ListTeen Years
Alt Quick ListFirst Love
Alt Quick ListHow You Met Your Spouse
Alt Quick ListWedding
Alt Quick ListBirthday
Alt Quick ListHolidays
Alt Quick ListSchool
Alt Quick ListSpecial occasions
Alt Quick ListTrips & vacations
Alt Quick ListRelationships
Alt Quick ListHobbies
Alt Quick ListSports
Alt Quick ListReligion / Faith
Alt Quick ListChronological history
Alt Quick ListWork / Career
Alt Quick ListBaby memory book
Alt Quick ListPre-school years
Alt Quick ListGrade school year
Alt Quick ListHigh school years
Alt Quick ListCollege years
Alt Quick ListAdult years
Alt Quick ListParenthood
Alt Quick ListRetirement
Alt Quick ListGrandparents
Alt Quick ListPhotos
Alt Quick ListAchievements / Awards
Alt Quick ListKeepsakes
Alt Quick ListRecipes
Alt Quick ListAnything genuine
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