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Create a foundation that multiple generations of your family can build upon

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Family History Archive

Enables current and future generations to know who they are, where they came from, and understand they are part of something bigger. Knowing family history is like an identity springboard for kids.

Builds multi-generational Family Identity


Family Memories Archive

Current and future generations can enjoy a rich heritage of family memories. Fun times, tough times, victories, defeats — imagine building 100 years of family memories. What a treasure.

Builds multi-generational Family Bonding

Life Stories Archive

Helps current and future generations avoid learning things “the hard way.” Informed of the challenges you faced and overcame, future generations may be more resilient in difficult times.

Builds multi-generational Family Resilience

Family Knowledge Archive

Current and future generations can benefit from a wealth of inherited knowledge. Everyone gains knowledge and insight over a lifetime — Share it Forward.

Builds multi-generational Family Knowledge

15 Day Free Trial  •  Full access  •  No credit card required  • Plans start at USD $14/year


Share Life Plus Features

Write Messages / Entries • Upload Videos • Upload Images • Upload Audio files • Upload important documents

Share Your Messages

Share your messages with one, many or all of your Recipients.

25 Recipients

You can designate up to 25 Recipients.

Messages to Your Future Self

You are automatically added to the Recipient List. Therefore, you can schedule future messages to yourself.

Scheduled Future Messages

You can schedule delivery of messages up to 10 years into the future.

Flexible Event Dating

You have the option to add a date to any entry in YYYY or YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD formats.

Unlimited Entry Sections

You can add an unlimited number of “sections” to any given entry.  As a result, you could write in a memoir-style or you could have dedicated threads about your children as they grow. Etc …

Share Entries Forward

Your Recipients can Share Forward your content through multiple generations of their families (with membership).

Unlimited Tags

You can add unlimited Tags in the platform — use up to 3 Tags per Entry.

Privacy / Security

All your content is 100% private until you share it with your Recipients. Share Life is built using the high performance / highly secure PHP yii2 framework and is deployed on AWS servers and uses encryption.

15 Day Free Trial  •  Full access  •  No credit card required • Plans start at USD $14/year

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I’ve been searching for a way to help my dad capture his MANY life stories on video in an organized way

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The ability to share forward over multiple generations is brilliant!

On-Site Feedback

My family can understand why I've done things, and can learn from my mistakes

On-Site Feedback

There are so many things I'd like to share with my family

On-Site Feedback

I want to create a family shared collection of memories and family stories

On-Site Feedback

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15 Day Free Trial  •  Full access  •  No credit card required  • Plans start at USD $14/year

The Share Life Concept  •  Validation

External sources substantiate the value of sharing family history, life stories, family memories, family knowledge

The more children know about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successfully they believe their families function.

Why We Need Family History Now More Than Ever

A strong family identity helps children develop a healthy self-identity and a sense that they are part of something bigger. Certainly a healthy self-identity helps in achieving individual success and helps in effectively dealing with the “battle scars” life inevitably delivers. 

The Importance of Family Identity

59% of people say that passing on values and life lessons that can help subsequent generations navigate their lives is the most important part of one’s legacy. 69% of people say they most want to be remembered for memories shared with loved ones.

Leaving a legacy: A lasting gift to loved ones

86% of Boomers say that the most important part of legacy planning is passing on family stories, values, and life lessons.

American Legacies Pulse Survey

77% of Boomers and Elders indicated that sharing values and life lessons was an important part of their legacy plan.  These were considered more important than having wishes fulfilled, personal possessions or financial assets.

Discoveries of American Legacies White Paper